Steve Doocy
is a proud employee
of the Greatest Corporation of All--FOX!!!
Despite what you may have heard
Steve Doocy
Is totally not gay!

Not the guy you were looking for? Were you looking for the brown-haired guy who isn't Steve Doocy? Click here.

Steve doocy 053

Ace reporter Steve Doocy thoroughly probes another soft spot of the American body politic.

Steve Doocy of FOXNews' Fox & Friends is the mastermind behind an email campaign to steal a chair from an old lady. He was forgiven for failing that, because his new mission is to help his hero, Papa Bear Bill O'Reilly defend himself from the demonic hordes of anti-American liberals.

Doocfacts Edit

  • Will not accept an invitation to appear on The Colbert Report. Stevie is fearful of being interviewed by a true conservative with balls of steel, and more sex appeal than he could even dream of.
  • His child, Peter, was publicly attacked by that filthy liberal Keith Olbermann

What kind of monster could attack this adorable child?


  • The Mr. & Mrs. Happy Handbook
Reviews: "Steve Doocy has written the funniest book of the year and it's about marriage." - Fox and Friends homepage


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