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Black people do have a dark complexion.

Stereotypes are the only way to judge people accurately. Because you can only know someone based on superficialities. Judging a book by its cover is clearly justifiable b/c its easier, and b/c readings books is un-American. Opinions to the contrary are LIES . period. Non-Caucasians, Caucasian immigrants and poor people who do not have the One-True-American DNA code can and should be judged negatively based on; skin color, accents, social status, the clothes they wear. God made it that way so Real Americans and cops can spot undesirables in a crowd and then make generalizations about their motivations - their sneaky underhanded motivations. Besides, non-whites, non-americans nor the poor have ever contributed anything of value ever. They brought it on themselves.

Stereotypes that got it wongEdit

Unfortunately, the Devil is a crafty one, once the secret of stereotyping was revealed, LIE attempted to spread positive stereotypes. Here's some crafty examples.

  • Black people can sing and dance
  • Black people are good at sports
  • Asians are very smart
  • Gays have impeccable fashion sense

In order to counteract the destructiveness of minorities feeling special and empowered we have created Operation Take Back. Through it we have spread the message that even positive stereotypes are really negative ones. We are happy to report that OTB is a resounding success and most minorities resent being positively stereotyped.

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