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Stephen Strong: Army Of Me
is a featured segment of The Colbert Report's week In Iraq
"Operation Iraqi Stephen: Going Commando"


Part 1, June 8, 2009Edit


part 2, June 9, 2009Edit


  • While at Fort Jackson, South Carolina, Dr. Colbert learned how to overcome obstacles, like:
    • climbing over a five-wall obstacle with the help of his battle buddies, but without benefit of a snack
    • enjoying the new wave stylings of the B-52's around people who aren't fans
    • crawling under barbed wire (without underwear)
    • trying to get people to sing along to Love Shack
    • singing while hiking
    • climbing the tower
    • rappelling down the tower
  • Some important facts about the tower
    • rappelling down it is entirely necessary
    • permission is granted to go down the wall, but not to go AWOL
    • even gays have to do it
  • Stephen even overcame the most dangerous obstacle of all:

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