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Stephen Says is a fun edutainment game for all the family. It's the perfect way to mold the kids into the model American citizens of tomorrow.

It's based on the famous game Simon Says, but is infinitely superior. After all, who the hell is this "Simon" guy? He's either a chipmunk or a hippy singer. Either way, why should America follow him?!

How to play Edit

The idea is that each contestant takes it in turns to announce something which Stephen Colbert would do. The other contestants then perform that act. The one who performs it with the most gravitas and truthiness wins.

Stephen Says tasks Edit

  • Stephen says: watch the Colbert Report.
  • Stephen says: dance like Ellen Degeneres.
  • Stephen says: wear a WristStrong bracelet.
  • Stephen says: be afraid of Koreans.
  • Stephen says: gorge yourself on grits and Doritos (at the same time).
  • Stephen says: run for President in South Carolina.
  • Stephen says: unwittingly seduce and then spurn Jane Fonda.
  • Stephen says: don't get addicted to pain pills after breaking your wrist.
  • Stephen says: come by the cabin this weekend. Wear something loose.
  • Stephen says: support our president.
  • Stephen says: buy and read his book I Am America (And So Can You!)

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