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Stephen Johnson
is the cabinet post or job
of the United States of America

Stephen Johnson is the current Administrator for the Environmental Protection Agency. As Administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency, Johnson works hard to support The Greatest President by effecting policies that will best serve America and America's Planet. Officially, this means upholding the mission of the EPA, which is "to protect human health and the environment." Simple enough.

And just how exactly has Administrator Johnson shown his commitment to this mission?

How Administrator Johnson Shows His Commitment To The EPA's MissionEdit

As the first scientist to fill his position, the Administrator actually had his confirmation held up in Congress before the minions of Nancy Pelosi took over. Apparently, they felt somewhat squeamish about giving the job of "protecting human health and the environment" to a man who advocated using human test subjects for pesticide testing. Once they realized, however, that Johnson only wanted to test chemicals on other people and not on good Americans like us, Congress decided he was an okay guy after all. And he is, after all, an okay guy. Otherwise, he wouldn't be the Administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency, now would he?

Also, how can a guy who spells his name Stephen be wrong?

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