Stephen Colbert National hero
Washington who
To achieve the proper education,
"Stephen Colbert "University""
provides All The History You Need To Know.

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~ Stephen Colbert "University" Motto

Get the best "education" money can buy![1]

Stephen Colbert "University" (SCU) is an Online University (College for Profit) that makes a lot of money so Stephen Colbert can finally pay off his college loan from Dartmouth.

Educational Careers:Edit

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I say caveat emptor, which according to my online Latin degree[2], means Soup of the Day
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~ Stephen Colbert
August 25, 2010

Lloyd Craig Blankfein:
Professor of Financial Ruin

  • Nurse Impersonator
  • Grave-robber
  • VCR Repair
  • Googler
  • Stephen Colbert Organ Farmer
  • Test Human Subject
  • Food taster[3]
  • Nigerian Prince Export
  • Goldman Sachs CEO already taken
  • Enron CEO vacant

Legal DisclaimerEdit

  1. Stephen Colbert "University" does not guarantee that our worthless our fine college degrees will have practical use in the real world or lead you to a successful career. What it does guarantee is that Goldman Sachs and Stephen Colbert will be able to fulfill their long dream of swimming in a pool of money again this year.
  2. No Refunds
  3. antidotes not included in the curriculum, bring your own

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