The Stephen Colbert/Barry Manilow Treaty of Peace was brokered on The Colbert Report and signed October 30th, 2006 by Dr. Stephen Colbert and his arch nemesis Barry Manilow Esq. Both parties agreed to cease and desist all hostilities concerning the Emmy Manilow stole from Dr. Colbert, the night of August 27th, 2006.

The accord states the following:

"Whereas Barry Manilow is a cultural, icon deserving of respect and Stephen Colbert is a cultural icon deserving of an Emmy, let it be known on this date, October 30th, 2006, both parties cease and desist all hostilities. Mr. Manilow agrees to joint custody of the Emmy in exchange for visitation right on Mr. Colbert's two Peabody's."

Manilow then went on to "bigly" put forward the proposition that for 6 months out of a year, the Emmy will reside in either Stephen's or his possession. This document was notorized by a public notary and is a legally binding document. Should Manilow break this peace accord, retribution will be swift, terrible and justified.

The Peace Accord will reside in the Library of Congress for future generations to gaze upon and marvel at Stephen's capacity to show mercy.

Whereas Barry Manilow is a cultural icon deserving of respect;
And Stephen Colbert is a cultural icon deserving of an Emmy.
On this day, October 30, 2006, the two parties agreed to cease all hostilities and declare peace.
They will also share joint custody of the Emmy.
(Signatures, Official notarization)

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