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On the November 29, 2006 edition of The Colbert Report, Stephen issued his second Green Screen Challenge in response to coattail riding indie band The Decemberists shameless theft of the idea for a Green Screen Challenge from Stephen's first Green Screen Challenge for their latest video.

Decemberists' lead coattail rider Colin Meloy supervising the ripoff.

Stephen's newest Challenge? To edit Stephen into The Decemberists Green Screen Challenge.

Answer Stephen's Call To ArmsEdit

To take up the Challenge, get The Decemberists' Green Screen footage at this site, and Stephen's Original Green Screen footage at Colbert Nation.

Challenge EntriesEdit

Guitar Attack

Colbert Vs. The Decemberists: The DeFabio Remix

The Counter ChallengeEdit

The Decemberists have attempted to pass themselves off as not being cowards by accusing Colbert of stealing from an on-stage lightsaber battle that the Decemberists fought during a show in San Francisco several months prior to the original Green Screen Challenge[1]. ""We already played out the light saber thing months earlier, live and on stage-- sans animation, stunt double and fancy green screen-- with pure rock, sweat and C batteries" The coat tail riding Decemberists have also countered that the band shot the video in mid July, a month before Colbert's challenge was issued.[2] However, more than likely they shot the video intending to add special effects themselves but instead, upon seeing Stephen's genius idea for the Green Screen Challenge, they decided to hitch a ride on his coattails.

The Decemberists continued in their attacks by issuing two counter challenges to Colbert. The first was to encourage their fans to edit them defeating Stephen Colbert in their video. They also challenged Stephen to a guitar solo competition, which is just silly. Everyone knows gentlemen only duel with banjos or fiddles.

But The Decemberists' challenge managed only to maneuver them right into Stephen's trap: They had forgotten that Stephen was the lead singer and guitarist for noted 80's new wave sensations Stephen and the Colberts.

The Counter Counter ChallengeEdit

On the December 7, 2006 edition of The Colbert Report, Stephen accepted The Decemberists' counter-counter-challenge. He invited them to appear on The Report on December 20th, 2006 to settle it like men, granting them the home field advantage of December.

Within days, the Decemberists accepted Stephen's invitation. Dr. Colbert will go solo a solo with Decemberist Chris Funk, who shared with Pitchfork his "strategy for total Guitar Solo Challenge domination":

"I'm going to dust off my white high-top Reeboks, slide on my stirrup pants and chug a two-liter of Mountain Dew."

The Decemberists have trespassed upon Stephen's Kingdom of Shred and lo, he shall smite them.

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