"Stephen Colbert's Return To Skateboard Mountain"
Is an essential component of's Internets Tube for Nerds

Preliminary box art.

Stephen Colbert's Return To Skateboard Mountain is the long-awaited sequel to the mega-hit video game Stephen Colbert's Escape From Skateboard Mountain.


Even longer in development than Duke Nukem Forever, the next-gen game has been rumored to feature revolutionary advancements such as:

  • Live chat with Stephen Colbert!
  • New laser-scanned model of Stephen Colbert for anatomical correctness!
  • New multi-player mode characters: Tek Jansen, Papa Bear, Jimmy, Killer, Meg and Ric Ocasek!
  • Playable Russ Lieber, Charlene, Kim Jong Il and bear boss characters!
  • The Charlene character may also be changed into: Stephen Colbert, Will Ferrell, A Tree, Scale Model of France, The President, Your Mother!
  • Pentagon-supplied GPS and satellite-accurate terrain maps in the 'North Korean Plutonium Jam' level!
  • Special boss battle against John Stewart!
  • 'Hero' mode-allows you to play as any of Stephen's heroes!
  • Too many exclamation points!

Heroes include:

  • President Vladimir
  • Ronald Reagan's Ghost
  • Dr. Henry Kissinger
  • Tony Hawk
  • John Negroponte
  • Paul Wolfowitz

Release DateEdit

Return To Skateboard Mountain is expected to be released sometime in the 22nd century, once licensing issues with Fox Sports and The National Foundation for Unused and Ignored Words Banned by The Sacred Queen of Ohio are negotiated.


Even though Return To Skateboard Mountain hasn't been released yet many experts are confident that a sequel is in the works because if he Stephen goes back to Skateboard Mountain he will no doubt have to escape it again because stephen is afraid of heights. Stephen has not yet officially confirmed a sequel.

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