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Stephen Colbert's I's On Edjukashun
is a featured segment of
the Greatest American Television Show--EVER!!!, The Colbert Report.

It's no secret public school teach kids all the wrong values, that's why Dr. Colbert suggests home schooling.
But these days, who has a home?

April 29, 2009 LessonEdit


  • Dr. Colbert is not accredited to teach for the state of New York
    • if he spanks you; it's recreational
  • History
    • text books have a liberal bias
      • read from left to right
    • text books force students to read; should be in the title
  • pregnancy test of textbook
    • go to index and check the "Ronald Reagan" pages
  • Pop Quiz
    • Which statement reveals a liberal bias?
      • they all do
  • Civics
    • Obama signed Serve America Act
      • provide more classroom volunteers for schools
    • Ingraham mentioned "education centers"
  • Pop Quiz
    • if you have 75000 AmeriCorp volunteers
  • Students' Rights
    • officials stripped a 13-year-old student
      • Afterschool Specials are instructive and based on a true story
    • people stuck things in Breyer's underwear (mostly singles)
      • if he really shook it, he'd get a fiver
    • Scalia
  • Pop Quiz
    • slang term for marijuana
      • Correct answer: the cops are on the way; you better flush it

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