Is that Formula WD 40-1 in your pants or are you just happy to see me?

Formula WD 40-1 is Stephen's newest creation to find new markets and new uses for his manseed.

With the recent discovery that libural science can create artificial test tube baby batter, there is no need for men anymore. This of course makes many feminazis very happy now that they can slaughter men as they have no more uses for them. This unfortunately threatens our Formula 400 series product line and it may end up bankrupting Stephen Colbert as he desperately needs to unload a large warehouse size stock filled of Stephen's manseed.


Warehouse 401

Stephen desperately needs to unload his manseed!

  • greasing hinges
  • cleaning ovens
  • polishing chrome
  • deicing planes
  • and getting out the toughest stains[1]


  1. Warning: Formula WD 40-1 may cause the toughest stains

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