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The Huns have discovered my position. I fear they heard me wanking.
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~ Stephen Colbert
October 11, 2010

Stephen Colbert's Formula 4 Your Eyes Only: Invisible Spy Ink is a premium mand seed that has been converted into a sophisticated invisible ink for espionage usage. It was created in the laboratories of MI6 by Sir Mansfield Cumming.

Commercial UseEdit

It was discovered that a fresh new batch is necessary for each letter, making it a very cumbersome and long process that could take several days just to write one page letter. Other usages includes keeping diaries, making shopping lists, and printing a daily newspaper. Man spies have no problem in getting their own raw material that comes from a natural source supply to write secret documents, but lady spies cannot produce their own raw material and some of them are too shy to go the the natural source to ask them to provide the raw material they need.

Stephen Colbert's Formula 4 Your Eyes Only: Invisible Spy Ink (For Women) was specially created for lady spies who need the raw materials to write their own secret documents without going to the embarrassing process of extracting it from the source.

To facilitate the usage of Stephen Colbert's Formula 4 Your Eyes Only the special ink comes in printer cartridges fully loaded with boner toner. Formula For Your Eyes Only, compatible with HP, Cannon and Kodak printers. Sorry, Epson, you just don’t do it for me.


Ladies, if use incorrectly the agency will disavow any informants who appear nine months later.

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