"Stephen Colbert's AmeriCone Dream/Personality Test"
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Scientists have found a correlation between one's personality and one's favorite ingredient of Stephen Colbert's AmeriCone Dream ice cream.

Participants of an extensive study, showed distinct personality traits according to which of the five main ingredients (vanilla, fudge, waffle cone chunks, caramel and "ingredient X") were their favorite.


Pure American personality.

Bible quotes roll of your tongue smooth and easy like your favorite ingredient.

You're also as white as your namesake ingredient and the placards you take to every anti-abortion rally you attend!

When it comes to partying, you're the designated driver. But only before dark, otherwise mom has to chaperone.

Your favorite music is country, but played quietly on your modest entertainment center, you don't want to go crazy now!

Solid colors in a modest cut, with few frills are the styles that fill your closet, only because there are secrets aplenty taking up most of the space.

Favorite actor: Tom Hanks. Favorite actress: Gwyneth Paltrow.


"Fudge" is the all-American codependent little brown brother, to "Vanilla's" flashier, hipper, worldly older brother.

Waffle Cone ChunksEdit

You have a dual personality, similar to Canada, which is both America Jr. and France.


You are sweet, but you're soft and unsubstantial, and will stick to anything. You are the American equivalent of France. Get the hell out of here!

Ingredient XEdit

Unstable personality.

You are unpredictable. One minute you're a law-abiding citizen, the next minute you're invading your neighbor's home coveting his wife.