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Stephen Colbert accomplished many great things in 2008. Many would consider these feats almost impossible for one man to accomplish in a lifetime, let alone a year. But they obviously haven't seen the size of Stephen's balls. Listed below are his accomplishments for the year 2008.


  • survived a drive by shooting by negroe womenhis writers
  • On April 2nd, it was announced that Stephen won the 2007 George F. Peabody Award. Afterwords he released a statement stating "I proudly accept this award and begrudgingly forgive the Peabody Committee for taking three years to recognize greatness..."
  • Dr. Colbert won his well deserved Emmy for Outstanding Writing on the night of September 22nd.
  • On October 17, 2008, stephens portrait into National Museum of American History after initially being in the Smithsonian.
  • DNA into space
  • November 23, had hit Christmas special.

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