Stephen Baldwin
is an American Man of God!!!

Stephen Baldwin
is a Beautiful Republican
God Bless America

Ann Coulter, Jesus and Tom Delay are my role models

Stephen Baldwin is the only member of the Baldwin family who will go to heaven. Thank St. Peter that Stephen has recently found Jesus instead of another Hollywood script, which apparantly is some type of misnomer, and also, quite uncommon in Hollywood. Stephen Baldwin is the George W. Bush of the Baldwin brothers; Alec, meanwhile, is the John Kerry of the brothers; last but not least, Daniel is the Ted Kennedy.

Stephen Baldwin Factoids Edit


Threesome, the last straw for Stephen, who did this film entirely of his own willingness to please his fans and himself.

  • Despite having the name "Stephen", he is no Stephen
  • Alec and Daniel are embarassed by him (when they're not busy being embarrassed by their own movies).
  • Is Not Babylon's Pimp, amen

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