Osama bin Lisa
Mahmoud Ahmedi-Stephen Al-Bear-nejad is a terrorist.
Stephen colbert terrorist
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I want to kill you for your Freedoms
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~ Stephen Al-Bear
June 30, 2011

Stephen Al-Bear is a mooslim terrorist residing in Pakistan and he wants to kill Americans, but we are told by the Pakistani Government that America can trust him. He receives tons of money from us Pakistan to keep us safe from any dangerous terrorist threat.


Colbert-portrait-cropped-proto-custom 2

Stephen Al-Bear during his teenage years

Stephen Al-Bear was born in the wastelands of mooslimland, his father was a desert bear and his mother a liberal feminist. Legend has it that Satan, Mohammed, and George Soros visit him during his birth and they proclaimed him to be their anti-christ (they also proclaimed Nancy Pelosi to be the anti-christ but then they found out she has a vagoo). During the birth it is believed that the earth shook, the oceans boiled hot, there was a solar eclipsed that darkened the earth for three days, and a democrat passed the first welfare entitlement program.

When he was ten he was sent to a Madrasah where he met a Kenyan mooslim who was being prepared to infiltrate the American government and a Saudi trust-fund kid who had dreams to destroy the Great Satan. Stephen Al-Bear befriended his new Saudi friend, Osama Bin Laden, and they both decided they wanted to hate America together. Stephen Al-Bear distrusted the Kenyan kid, there was something about the color of his skin him that told him he couldnt trust him.

When Stephen Al-Bear turned 21 he tried to attend the Yemen School of Suicide Bombing but he was expelled when he failed to make his own suicide bomb vest, he kept using red wires during all his bomb making, instead of the traditional blue, red, and yellow wires.

Osama Bin Laden, His Mooslim-Terrorist FriendEdit

Alwaleed bin Talal, His Second Mooslim FriendEdit

Death to America!Edit

Death to Israel!Edit

Death to Smoochy!Edit

Osama Seal of Approval

Jon Stewart knows what he did...

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