"Stephen, This Canton's For You!"
is one of's game-like activities
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Attention Heroes: Do you live in a town named "Canton"? Do you go to a school named "Canton"? Is your last name "Canton"? Do you live on a street named "Canton"?

Help Stephen better know your "Canton"!

Create a The YouTube video, post the link below and will post the best ones on the Main page! ( registration is free)

We want to give this gift to Dr. Colbert before the summer is over for Christmas for his birthday, so have your entries in before Labor Day (September 1, 2008) Thanksgiving (November 27, 2008) May 1st, so everyone can vote on it in time for Stephen's Birthday!


  • keep your video between 3 and 5 minutes long.
  • keep it PG-13
  • don't do anything illegal in the video or break any laws to make the video (Don't embarrass Stephen). Unless you are sexy or badass.

Stephen, here is my Canton!Edit

  • my video link (my User Name)

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