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Stem Cells
makes The Baby Jesus sad.
Does your mother know you read these filthy liberal myths?
Foods or Beverages

"Stem Cells" is an invented term, created by liberals so they can force more abortions on unsuspecting Americans

In regular abortions, liberals kill full-term baby Americans; to harvest stem cells, liberals kill baby Americans' cells, which according to the Bible, is just as bad. The use of stem cells is clearly evil because Jesus loved unborn fetuses more than cancer patients or paralyzed people.


Here is the entire liberal agenda in poem form:

First they come for the stem cells,
then they came for the pre-born,
then they came for our children;
Why do liberals hate Our troops?

Stem cells fuel the liberals' war on America and freedom, which is why they murder countless Americans. Also, it is said to taste like powdered milk.


Despite a clear prohibition from The Bible, scientists are still working on hurting unborn Americans!

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