Stem Cell Research
is a member of the Stemcellocracy.

What will we tell the blastocysts?
Stem Cell Research
is science-related, sending it straight to hell.
Stem Cell Research is heretical
and makes The Baby Jesus jealous!
May it rot in the fires of his judgement!

Stem Cell Research is a bunch of scientific jargon, which in its simplest terms is known as killin' babies. Satan is a well known stem cell researcher.



Alex P. Keaton arguing for the right to kill babies

This phrase was thrown together by a bunch of East Coast Elitists, who refuse to wait until marriage to have good, clean, above board sex. These are the same "Scientists" who've twisted the concept of a condom to mean, a safe alternative to STDs. But we in the Nation know that condoms are only to be used to hold urine. Back in World War II, pilots used condoms the right way: they filled them with human waste and threw them out of planes - AT NAZIS.


Superman pleads to be affixed to the top of the Washington Monument to draw attention to the right to kill babies

God's IntentEdit

The only real way to hamper these liberazis is to do as the Good Lord intends, and wait to have sex with your Law and Church recognized spouse. And when you do, remember, The Lord wants the man on top, face to face with his female partner.

Liberals' BastardizationEdit

Stem Cell Research is nothing more than liberal doublespeak for a “Let's get it on ‘Paid Sex Therapist’ and/or ‘member of the same sex/Democrat.” These heathens don't care about curing disease; the only disease they'd like to cure are the hives they get when forced to recognize good, old fashioned values.

Stem cellologists (trademark Stephen Colbert) do the work of the Devil, and don't you forget it.


Developed right here in The Good 'Ol US of A, the battlefield tested and internationally feared Pee-Bomb.


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