Stefen Colbear was a proposed World of Warcraft Human Paladin character created by artist Todd Lockwood for Upper Deck's World of Warcraft TCG card set.

Lockwood's illustration of the "Warrior for Truthiness" showed a microphone-sword wielding Stefen Colbear, clearly based on Stephen Colbert. The character radiates Stephens' elemental power, but according to Lockwood, Dr. Colbert's agent rejected the idea out of hand without even showing the artwork to Stephen.

Maybe, just maybe, the money grubbers at World of Warcraft publisher Blizzard and Upper Deck were looking for some free publicity, hoping that Stephen would display the card on The Colbert Report. How quickly they seem to have forgotten stealing the idea for their game from Stephen Colbert's World of ColbertCraft.

Character ProfileEdit

Normal WoW Card

Putting the Horde on notice.

Name: Stefen Colbear
Class: Human Paladin
Level: 70 (estimated)
Faction: Alliance
Guild: Colbert Nation
Realm: Freedomlandia
Battlegroup: Surge

HEALTH: 10027
MANA: 6485

Primary ProfessionsEdit

Talkshowhosting: 375/375
Nailing: 375/375


Liberalism: 33
Clintons: 32
McCain: 24
Bears: 44

Base StatsEdit

Strength: 281
Agility: 93
Stamina: 685
Intellect: 420
Spirit: 540
Armor: 13296




Desktop Image
Todd Lockwood's website

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