Stealth Wealth
brings Wealth and Prosperity to Americans and
The Free Market
America thanks you, Stealth Wealth
If you don't already have
Stealth Wealth
your parents never loved you!

Stealth Wealth is based on the idea that poor people will kill and eat you if they know you are rich.


Nearly 6,000 years ago, when The Heavenly Father created America's Planet, there were no lazy people and liberals had not fallen from Satan's perch in Heaven's Room641A thus welfare had not yet been invented.

Stealth Wealth Throughout HistoryEdit

Take a look at the places where Stalin lived.

Stealth Wealth In AmericaEdit

Why America Does It BetterEdit

We have the Amish.

What The Wealthy Do To Be StealthyEdit

•Travel exclusively by stealth fighter or stealth limo

How To Simulate Stealth WealthinessEdit


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