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Staten Island
is a Recognized City of the United States of America.
All the geography American schoolkids Need To Know.
Hey, where the hell is
Staten Island???
I don't care all that matters is that it's AMERICAN...hey nice ass, lady!

Staten Island is a Borough of New York City. It is populated by snobby liberal elitists with really really annoying accents, mispronouncing such words as "Guad" (God), Cuaw (Car) and Joisey (Jersey).

There is nothing special about Staten Island, except that the only reason it floats is because of the magical garbage underneath the island. Scientists are still baffled by on how the island is still afloat. Also it is where Christina Aguilera was born.


Staten Island was once part of New Jersey, until a gambling bet between the governors of New York and New Jersey decided the ownership of the Island. The New Jersey Governor lost the bet, but most New Jerseyians who now know today, that the true loser was actually New York.

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