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Printable Game Pieces and Bingo Cards!
"State of the Union Bingo!"



missle defense system


Rules of Engagement

Fidel Castro




E. Coli



Free Space

alternative fuel


Gerald Ford

North Pole


American (Our) Troops

middle class

Muqtada al-Sadr


Larry Craig or Mark Foley

Common Ground

Jew or Jewish

How To PlayEdit

Version IEdit

  1. Print the game pieces and bingo card above.
  2. Cut out the game pieces. (Be sure to print out enough to play)
    1. Alternative game pieces: cut up several $100 or $500 bills
  3. Listen to The Greatest President Ever! and when he says one of your words, place a game piece on that spot.

Version IIEdit

  1. Listen to The Greatest President Ever! and when he says one of your words, paint the square on your monitor with white-out.

Version IIIEdit

  1. Make a screencapture of your bingo card and follow the game as above.

How Bingo Cards Are MadeEdit

The Super Computer will generate cards using special words or phrases.

Be sure to print your "card" out and play along when The Greatest President Ever! reads words written by poeple smarter than he is gives his speeches!

Remember, refreshing the page will change all the words!

This page will randomnly generate a card everytime you visit.

Please print out one that you feel will vanquish your enemies opponents.

Then watch The Greatest President Ever as he receives secret messages through his ear-communicator delivers his speech on Monday, January 28, 2008[1].


Post here to declare your winnership!


  1. Please note, the game will not expire, therefore, it may be played at any time.
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