A whimsical game that patriotic citizens play while watching The Greatest President Ever's State of the Union Address every January[1].

Played much like the regular bingo[2], "State of the Union Bingo uses words instead of numbers.

The CardsEdit

The cards consist of 25 boxes arranged in a 5 x 5 grid. Inside each box is a word (or phrase) expected to be spoken during the speech. When someone's word is said by The Greatest President Ever the player places a 10 oz. Gold Krugerrand on that space.

When a player is able to cover five boxes in a row (horizontally, vertically, or diagonally), he may call "Bingo!" and proclaim himself the winner!



  1. In 2008, the date of the State of the Union will be Monday, January 28, 2008
  2. But without the blessedness of The One True Church

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