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State Foods Table
is a Recognized State of the United States of America.
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Did you know that each state had its own official food? Most of it is delicious from Forest Maine to Sunny California. I mean, dont they make your mouth water? They sure as hell make mine, especially Idaho and Georgia.

Western StatesEdit

Alaska has King Crab.

Hawaii has pineapple.

California has grapes.

Washington state has apples.

Oregon has hazelnuts.

Nevada has buffets.

Idaho has potatoes.

Arizona has fry bread.

Utah has green jello.

Montana has rocky mountain oysters.

Wyoming has buffalo burger

Colorado has Denver omellette

New Mexico has chiles.

Texas has steak.

Oklahoma has fried okra.

Kansas has wet barbeque.

Nebraska has corn.

South Dakota has chislic.

North Dakota has knoeplah.

Eastern StatesEdit

Missouri has toasted ravioli.

Iowa has loose meat sandwiches

Minnesota has fried food on a stick.

Arkansas has jelly pie.

Louisiana has crawfish.

Mississippi has mud pie.

Alabama has cornbread.

Georgia has peaches.

Florida has oranges.

South Carolina has benne waffers.

North Carolina has dry barbeque.

Tennessee has tomatoes.

Kentucky has fried chicken.

Virginia has ham.

West Virginia has ramps.

Illinois has Chicago style pizza.

Wisconsin has cheese.

Michigan has pasties.

Indiana has popcorn.

Ohio has Cincinatti chili.

Maryland has blue crabs.

Delaware has crab puff.

Pennsylvania has cheesesteaks.

New Jersey has italian sub.

New York has pizza.

Connecticut has hamburger.

Rhode Island has coffee milk.

Massachusetts has clam chowder.

Vermont has Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream.

New Hampshire has maple syrup.

Maine has lobster

Puerto Rico's main foodEdit

Puerto Rico's main foods are mostly from Spain, but if you think about it, Puerto Rico's main food is soup!

The State Foods picture in a bigger view!Edit


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