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Mirror Universe Steven Kolbert

Star Trek is a multimedia vision into an alternate universe. Originally seen by Gene Roddenberry.

Star Trek is a documentary series covering the adventures of various Starfleet space Americans.

In the Mirror Universe of Star Trek, Stephen Colbert's name is spelled with a "k" and "v." The real and more superior StePHen Colbert has single handly destroyed this universe.

It has been rumored that Stephen Colbert may portray Dr. McCoy in the next Star Trek movie. This is false. Stephen Colbert will instead be involved in a remake of the original Star Trek television series, where he will portray Dr. McCoy and the voice of the computer.

Kirk Vs. PicardEdit

There as been an ongoing battle in the world of geekdom about who is the greatest Enterprise Captain: James T. Kirk or Jean-Luc Picard. Let's settle this now:

Picard is clearly a flaming homosexual and not to be trusted. Therefore the better of the two, and winner of this competition, is Kirk. Unlike Picard, Kirk was born in America, which makes him a true American hero. Born in France, Picard is NOT an American hero because the French don't believe in freedom. Picard was also assimilated by the Borg and therefore is partially the cause of the Borg involvement in the bear uprising of 2012.

Kirk is also a registered Republican and is a heterosexual with a woman alien on every planet he visits as a girlfriend. Picard surrenders too often, and Kirk would rather set his ship on self-destruct than to let the Klingons have it. Picard hired a Klingon for his crew, Worf, while Kirk clearly has a no-Klingon policy for his crew. Klingons are believed to also have involvement in the bear uprising of 2012. The Star Trek Klingons were based on the evil USSR Communists, and mutated because they could not control their nuclear power plants like Chernobyl and the radiation leaks to the public causing a Klingon type mutation. Of course the limp-wristed French like Picard are allied up with them.

Choosing One's Mate Based On Kirk-Picard PreferenceEdit

  • you'll never get a date if you pick either one

The Introduction of the BorgEdit

In alternate universe called Star Trek The Next Generation, the vile ideas of Gene Roddenberry and Brannon Braga spawned the evil Satan-worshiping cult of the Borg. They will be a major attack force in the bear uprising of 2012.

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