Al Franken
Joseph Stalin has earned

The Baby Satan has a special place in hell for
Joseph Stalin
and YOU just for visiting this internets tube!
350px-Paper Stalin

Stalin was once a plumber, but it never paid well and he was tired of rescuing the princess.


Children Love Joseph

Joseph Stalin was an evil totalitarian dictator. Stalinism is just as bad as Fascism, as is communism and socialism overall, as a matter of fact, all communism/socialism is worse. Except for Stalin, as he seemed like a man's man who you would want to have a beer with, something you can't say about today's pansy, tree-hugging, flower child, effeminate, elitist, liberal/communists like Barack Hussein Obama who denounce Stalin because he's too much of a man's man for them to admire. Plus you have to respect his efficiency (and mustache), not saying we like him or anything, because he's still a commie. However, in 2008, drawings were discovered that reveal Stalin's love for men! So, not only was he a commie, but he was also gay. But, I repeat myself.

Joseph Stalin is also credited as the creator of dancing and the modern hippity-hop craze.

According to Stephen Colbert "Joseph Stalin has good ideas, but I have better ones."

Stalin was Hitler's best frenemy. Stalin once had a crush on Hitler, but his heart was broken when Hitler chose Mussolini over him. Stalin decided he would join neither Hitler nor the U.S. (a huge mistake on his part, but frankly we didn't want him; he was too clingy). Hitler later attacked Stalin because he was a psycho who hated everyone (except Mussolini).

Stalin is just a four letter difference from Satan. Coincidence? I think NOT!

Also, his middle name is Djhouhgaszhvilli. Enough said

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