Located on the beautiful east coast of New Brunswick, Canada, St. Stephen’s University offers a unique educational experience for students seeking Liberal Arts or Ministry degrees.

St. Stephen's University is for creative minds who want to explore and experience the world first-hand in the context of a premier Christian education.

Why St. Stephen’s University? St. Stephen’s Students Gain:

Critical thinking and communication skills, developed through challenging studies of the great western classics. A broad range of hands-on experiences and face to face encounters as you travel the world, exploring as a community what is learned in class. Opportunities to develop as mature Christian leaders of character. You will learn to own your beliefs and values as you honor ancient and new traditions of worship in daily living.

SSU offers two streams of education—Arts & Ministry—both providing strong academic grounding and travel experience in a Christian setting.

Interested in learning more about SSU? Contact us at or visit us on the internet at or email us at

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