St. Sebastian,
when you touch yourself you make The Baby Jesus sad!
Keep your hands where we can see them!


St. Sebastian by Italian painter Il Sodoma

The patron saint of leather daddies and of Catholic priests who allegedly like boys.

The young, hunky, nearly-nude saint was a popular subject for Rennaisance painters including the Italian painter Il Sodoma (wink2/nudge2).

Sebastian liked to wear low-rise push-up loin cloths to emphasize his package and show off his six-pack abs and sexy happy trail.

He's considered an unattainable ideal for his many admirers: the perfect submissive bottom.

The S&M saintEdit

Sebastian was into S&M. Really into it.


St. Sebastion in bondage

He got off on bondage in just about any form, but especially liked to be shot with arrows and all kinds of other sicky stuff. He called the sensation of penetration "angelic."

Despite the hundreds of explicit pictures of him that got into widespread circulation, St. Sebastian insisted that he wasn't looking for publicity. "These were private pics, honey," Sebastian protested to the Florence Tonight program. "I didn't want to share them with the whole world," he claimed.

He was especially incensed that pictures from his FaceBook column at St. Lucia's Church were posted publicly on other church columns. "Those are supposed to be totally private. Like... doesn't anybody read the terms of service on that column?"

Fortunately for Sebastian, thousands of the most explicit drawings, studies, and paintings of him remain secret. They are kept in a special vault at the Vatican and are viewable only by ordained priests. The vault is nonetheless one of the most popular attractions at the Holy See.


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