Squid - the bears of the sea.




According to some people that think with the brain, squid are a large, diverse group of marine cephalopods. But who are they kidding? These are the same people that think that America is not the center of the Universe, and that Baby Jesus is not from Texas. Which he is and he is totally not gay.

The rest of us that use gut to think, know that Squid are the bears of the sea. Bears with tentacles and a razor sharp beak. Squid are shape shifters just like Kerry and Clintons. Their true color is pinkish red. Bears are also very red on the inside, even though they are pretending to be a variety of colors. For centuries they have been tied with bears in a world wide axis of evil conspiracies. Currently squid are trying to extend their tentacles towards Stephen Colbert



Liberace in squid cammo

There is a definite conspiracy between bears, squid, liberace and landlocked countries.


Some people call the shark, the bears of the sea. Others say there is no need to call another animal a "bear " of the sea when there already are BearSharks.

Evil dolphin
Stephen hates utah
Squid is in Wikiality's Animal Perdition

This horrid beast will spend eternity wandering the vitriolous wastelands of Utah.

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