Spend More Time With One's Family (polite euphemism)

  1. what a God-fearing, America-loving Christian says when forced to leave a job he is way over-qualified for, but has to prematurely resign from due to excessive terrorizing by Democrats at his workplace
  2. what a God-less liberal says when America discovers he/she has been corrupting interns, embezzling funds, colluding with terrorists, or cutting and running.

Spenders of More Time with One's FamilyEdit

Shocking News! Michael Duvall may not need to resign! spend more time with his family after all! We discovered that a senile old man has stained the good reputation of Mr. Duvall with slander and he may be able to go back to work after all!

Honorary Spenders of More Time with One's Family for "Other" reasonsEdit

"Spend More Time With One's Family"
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