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Pronunciation: "SpAHm"

  • 1.a. American luncheon meat of unknown and oft-speculated contents. As such, it is one of America's truthiest products, as it relies on a gut instinct that it does, indeed, contain meat of some sort.
  • 1.b. Suspected contents: Osama bin Laden


  • 2.a. To inflict random meaningless stuff on unsuspecting victims. As: "In his philibuster, Ted Kennedy totally spammed the American People!"
  • 2.b. The most annoying email. Ever. Seriously, guys, I mean it.

Acronym (S.P.A.M)

  • 3.a. Some Product Approximating Meat


  • 4.a John Spam John Spam John Spam Cleese
  • 4.b Eric Spam Eggs and Chips Idle
  • 4.c Terry Spam Sausage Spam Egg Gilliam
  • 4.d Spam Terry Jones
  • 4.e Micheal Spam Palin
  • 4.f Graham Spam Spam Spam Chapman

Spam TubesEdit

is a part of's dictionary, "Watch What You Say". For the full dictionary, click here.

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