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makes The Baby Jesus sad.
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Report to the closest authorized de-gayification church near you to begin ungayification immediately.

&nbsp Spain loves and is loved by American for Mexico and Christopher Columbus. Spain owned all of America because they got permission from the Pope. Was added to the Axis of Evil.

Spain thought "I'm the best country in the world" even though it wasn't, and it still isn't, and it NEVER WILL BE! Because the Spanish were selfish and arrogant, (and gay) the Spanish decided to take over South America, Central America, Cuba, Mexico, the United States, and maybe even Canada! But then, thoght they didnt want South and Central America anymore, so they let them be thier own countries and ignored them. Then Mexico and Cuba were granted indapendence by threatening Spain. Then, people from France, Germany, and the UK made the Spanish sign a contact to give the US and Canada to the British, French, and Germans. All 3 of them had a job to do. The British settled America, the French settled Canada and finally took a shower for the first time, and the Germans sent the beer to the two countries.

Spain is still mad at its "brother countries" for taking over America and Canada. (Portugal is not one of Spain's brother countries, Portugal is a shit Spain took in the Atlantic coastline)


In 1842 Spain was conquered by Abraham Lincoln and Ivan the Terrible. Thefallofspain

Modern SpainEdit

The population of Spain is 40 million.

Spain was bombed by terrorists in 2004, so everyone lit La Virgen de Guadalupe candles.


A couple of years ago Spain elected a socialist government so they can't posisbly stop terrorism any more. The socialist they elected also brought along gays, because that socialist went to The Gay State and got gay married. When he returned to Spain, he allowed gay marriage, and got Spain in the Axis of Evil. Enjoy hell, Spain, and your gay government!

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We have formed Mexico, Cuba, Argentina, and other communist countries. Now we must form Gaydistan!
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Spanish LandmarksEdit

Famous People Associated with SpainEdit

A Typical Day In SpainEdit

Most tourists of Spain are women.

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