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Southern Methodist University

A university that will one day be the home of the George W. Bush Presidential Library, Museum, Conservative Think Tank, Brush Clearing Exhibit, and IMAX.

Southern Methodist University
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Currently Lacking anything cool Edit

Despite the future, Southern Methodist University lacks anything currently special about it. Teachers there are generally regarded to be "pot smoking hippies" and 95% of the graduates of Southern Methodist University end up living off of their trust funds.

History and Notable AlumniEdit

Southern Methodist University was founded in 1911. Their mustang mascot is named Peruna, which gets its name from an alcoholic beverage that hasn't been heard of since Prohibition. In the 1980s SMU's football team received the NCAA's Death Penalty and was unable to play football for two years. SMU was penalized after they were found to have been bribing good football players to come play for them with fast cars and even faster prostitutes. To this day, SMU is the only university to have received this punishment in the history of the NCAA.

Many fine patriotic Americans have graduated from SMU, including the First Lady Laura Bush. Vice President and Expert Marksman Dick Cheney and the First Lady both have served on SMU's board of trustees. Failed presidential Supreme Court nominee Harriet Miers also received both her undergraduate and law degrees from SMU. In February of 2007, SMU made Attorney General Alberto Gonzales an honorary alumnus.


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