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South Dakota
is a Recognized State of the United States of America.
All the geography American schoolkids Need To Know.

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The "Great" State of SOUTH DAKOTA
Capitol: Bismarck or Pierre, depending on your interpretation of South..
State Flower: African Venus fly trap
Official Language: Canadi-nglish or Minnesoti speak
State Bird: Flying Elk
State Motto: The only Dakota that doesn't smell funny
Nickname: Downwind of the Fartknocker state

North Dakota's South Carolina

Governor: Gov. Stephen Colbear (not related to Stephen Colbert
State Anthem: Blame Canada
Population: 43
Standard MPH: 17.5 MPH
Principal imports: Graham crackers,

Marshmallows, and Chocolate Bars

Principal exports: S'mores
Principal industries: add stuff here-13
Fun Fact # 1: Supports Gay Beaver marriage
Fun Fact # 2: Voted for the war against environmentalism


South Dakota was discovered by the brave pioneers of the Wild West. Or far East, depending on how far you go in what direction.


Originally, the pioneers created one large state, and named it Dakota. However, after the Canadian invasion of 1812, the northern-half of Dakota become communist, while the southern-half remained American. Since then, they have been at war ever since, South Dakotan freedom fighters giving their lives every day to reclaim North Dakota in the name of freedom and gravity.

Achieving StatehoodEdit

South Dakota TodayEdit

West of Minnesota and we are glad of that.

South Dakota LandmarksEdit

Famous South DakotansEdit

  • Bob Barker
  • The 1985 Green Bay Packers
  • Hubert Humphrey
  • George McGovern
  • Tom Brokaw

A Typical Day in South DakotaEdit

Same as yesterday, and the same as tomorrow...

Laws Unique To South DakotaEdit

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