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South Carolina is so broke, they're selling quarters.

The state of South Carolina is selling off historical artifacts to make up for a budget shortfall because President Hussein Obama is preventing governor Mark Sanford from receiving any of the stimulus package all the other states are getting. was shocked to hear of this tragedy and worked tirelessly to find a way to help because we have always loved South Carolina since it was blessed as the boyhood home of Dr. Colbert.

Joining forces with The Colbert Nation, will set aside this tube for heroes everywhere to post alternative ways that South Carolina can make money.

Dear South Carolina, Here's An Idea ... Edit

Click here to post your suggestion.

The Stephen Colbert Walking TourEdit

  • charge people money to walk where Dr. Colbert has walked. Charge by the step.

Stephen Colbert Commemorative Plates Edit

If The Secret Muslim can have commemorative plates, South Carolina can make some featuring Dr. Colbert as a boy.

Promote their peaches Edit

Stephen is a big fan and could give South Carolina peaches The Colbert Bump.

Auction off trips to use the C.O.L.B.E.R.T. at the ISS!

Register as a charity.

License the COLBERT name with the beneficiary being SC (net Preparation and Shipping Charges, of course)

Auction some Colbert Hair.

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