South Australia
is one of Australia's states.

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The Australian State of SOUTH AUSTRALIA
South Australia
Capitol: Adelaide
Official Flower: Sturt Desert Pea
Official Language: South Australian
Official Animal: Wombat
Official Beer: West End Draught
Motto: Festival State
Nickname: Crow Eaters
Governor General: Marjorie Jackson
Official Anthem: The Pride of South Australia
Population: 12 million
Remaining English Prisoner Population: None, as South Australia is the only state to be settled by law abiding British citizens. Suck it Victoria !
Rabbit, Sheep or Kangaroo Population: 9 million
Standard KPH: 110
Principal imports: AFL Players
Principal exports: Defence equipment (Submarines, army tanks, jets), wine, beer, opals, potatoes, Rupert Murdoch
Principal industries: Argriculture, Defence, Fruit, Breeding
Fun Fact # 1: South Australia is known as the Driest State in the Driest Country
Fun Fact # 2: We have grape

History of South AustraliaEdit

South Australia was founded on December 26, 1836 when Col. Light founded Adelaide.

South Australia TodayEdit

SA today is better than America

South Australia Climate & GeographyEdit

Very hot and dry in summer. Absolutely freezing and rainy in winter. Two extremes.

South Australia CitiesEdit

Adelaide. Whyalla. Mt Gambier. Murray Bridge. Pt Augusta. Pinnaroo. Victor Harbour.

South Australia LandmarksEdit

Adelaide Festival Centre. Big Lobster.

South Australia CultureEdit

More sophisticated than America.

Famous People From South AustraliaEdit

  • Rupert Murdoch
  • Lleyton Hewitt
  • Carl Smith

A Typical Day in South AustraliaEdit

A typical day in SA would start with work and end with a beer.

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