has been granted full United States "citizenship"
for their donation to Republican causes.
America thanks you, Sony

For a Japanese company, Sony is more American than corporations started in America by liberals.

Sony makes the very best in consumer and professional video equipment. Their product line ranges from cameras and monitors to cartoon vibrators and robots, a Sony manufactured product can be found in almost every home and business on America's Planet.

Starting immediately after America introduced the gift of Imperialism in Japan, Sony employed children whose tiny hands are perfect for putting together electronic gadgets using the state-of-the-art lead-based solder.


Products and ServicesEdit

Sony makes disgusting consoles. Their excessive self-rightoussness makes them rooted on the spot to make what they were doing 10 years ago.

They also make digital cameras, TVs, cell phones, computers, and every other goddamn gadget under the sun.


War Crime AccusationsEdit

In 1846 Sony covertly tried to drop a nuclear war head on Canada, although these acusations were unfounded with a lack of real evidence Canada still swears revenge to this day.

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