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discusses one of the Liberal's Ridiculous Theories and Notions.
Al Franken
Socialism has earned
Soviet-hippys flower

The hippie pinko commie flag of their great soviet union

Socialism by miniamericanflags

Typical liberal commie answer to everything, take money from the rich and give it to the poor…

Socialism is basically Communism for pussies. In fact, its symbol is literally a flower. How is anyone supposed to take you seriously with a symbol like that. It doesn't even deserve to be called Communist. ALL socialist countries have failed and later converted to free market capitalism. Problems solved.

Origin & HistoryEdit

We think Socialism originated in Heck, that place between Hell and earth, if you've been sort of bad.

Modern ThreatEdit

Socialists are in-betweeners, who we all know aren't really people. They are somewhere in-between capitalists and communists. They are just like agnostics, moderates, and ligers; you can't be a lion and a tiger. As the great president Dubbya once said "you're either with us or against us. Socialists aren't with us(good, god fearing, free market idolizing, REAL Americans) therefore, they're against us. Socialism is a step in the wrong direction, if you step off the cliff you will go down fast. If a person accepts that some of communism was right and some of capitalism is wrong, they could quickly become a full commie hippie liberal. We can't let these people run our country. How should we stop them? 1. Some would say that we should wage war on them and see what they do. Capitalist Conservatives fight back, communist liberals run away and hide, and socialists can't decide which way they want to do. They will be easy kills. If we kill them all then they won't have kids and if they don't have kids they will become extinct. WRONG!! Thats evolution, its stupid and if you believe that then you're a stupid liberal. 2. Argue with them, no, they will just use facts and history and won't listen to their guts no matter loud we yell at them. well solutions are hard to come by.

man, gringos are so damn stupid.


Socialism is everywhere!!!


Examples Of Countries That Adopted Socialism & How America Had To Save Their AssesEdit

In WWII, canadian spies had infiltrated cuba and brought their commy-loving hippyness to the locals. As a result, the cuban economy crashed and was butt raped by the indigenous wildlife. America, seeing a tragedy happen so close to home, was forced to ride its mighty eagle into the fray amd dispatch the Canadian hippies.

Once the main source of the commy power was elimenated, there was no longer a broadcast of communist propoganda coming from the chips implanted in all Canadians at birth, and Cuba slowly began to rehabilitate itself.

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