God Touching Adam
"Smote Storm"
you have been touched in a very special way.

When too many gays (or other variety of liberal) gather in one area to do their filthy, filthy business, The Lord, Our God, The Heavenly Father reminds them of their sinful ways by intelligently designing a super-powerful storm to cleanse liberalism from His Planet.

Top Ten Smote Storms of All TimeEdit

  1. Armageddon
  2. 2004 Indian Ocean Tsunami
  3. The "Dust Bowl" drought and dust/wind storms of 1930's
  4. Galveston Hurricane of 1900 (aka "The Big One of Double Aught")
  5. Guitarmageddon
  6. 1906 San Francisco Earthquake
  7. Hurricane Katrina
  8. The Clenis

How Does One Keep from Being Swept Away?Edit

Prayer. Supplication. Begging Jesus to come into your heart to wash you clean as snow.

Also, staying tuned to the Dopplert Praydar Weather Service for Smote Storm on the SevensTM updates.

Smote Storm
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