Slutty Flight Attendant
Is an Uber Hottie and you are not! She makes The Baby Jesus stand at attention.
You may look, but do not touch. Unless Stephen Colbert has Nailed her first.

Austin Powers
Does Slutty Flight Attendant
make you horny, baby?

Baby Jesus
Slutty Flight Attendant
Makes The Baby Jesus™ Happy
And that Makes Stephen happy, too!

W A R N I N G ! ! !
Slutty Flight Attendant
is not intended for drunken frat boys

Slutty Flight Attendant


The Golden Era
"Coffee, Tea or Me?" The Swinging Sixties propelled stewardess to the pinnacle of pop culture uberhotness.


SFA Recruiting Poster
(Slutty Flight Attendant)
Always striving to keep our skies friendly.

Hello Stewardess

Hospitality At It's Best
Slutty Flight Attendants always have a warm smile and beckoning nature.


Rites of Passage
A hesitent Slutty Flight Attendant is being "encouraged" by her sister attendents to join with them and Stepen Colbert in some Mile High hotmosexual action.

Slutty Flight Attendants (acronynym:SFA) (formerly known as Stewardesses) are Uberhot women who bring cold drinks, soft pillows, warm blankets, delectable packets of peanuts and joy to airline passengers. They are Real American Goddesses, adored by all and blessed by The Baby Jesus.

Not to be confused with Flight Attendants. Who are Gay, Obese, Ugly and Unamerican

Who Can Become An SFA?Edit

What Education Do SFAs Need?Edit


Short Skirts And Pole Dancin'
Slutty Flight Attendants love to frolick, Pole Dance and hike up their already short skirts for Stephen Colbert.


Fly Quantas!
Two hotmosexual SFAs (and a Gorgon Flight Attendant) from "down under" in the ubiquitous SFA pose, hiked skirt and come hither grin. Note the lacivious act of mutual uberhot masturbation.

  • Pole Dancing degree from The Learning Annex or other accredited institution.
  • The Elizabeth Berekely academy of pole-dancing offers a 20% discount the first Wednesday of each month for airline employees. Seats and poles are limited -- apply now.
  • Able to recite the saftey card by heart.
  • Do the "Point to all the exits hokey-pokey."
  • Say "Please return your tables and seats to their upright positions." In at least five languages.

What Do SFAs Do?Edit

  • Hike their skirts.
  • Touch themselves and each other.
  • Serve coffee, tea and their goodies.
  • Usher new members into The Mile High Club.
  • Help existing members reach higher levels.
  • Look uberhot.
  • Bend over... Alot.
  • Smell like ice cream.

What Special Equipment Do SFAs Need?Edit

Galley sfa

"Monte, I think I'll take what's behind curtain number two."
Two hotmosexual SFAs caught with Stephen in a meeting of The Mile High Club.


"Nailed 'Em"
Two more hotmosexual SFAs holding hands in obvious orgasmic bliss after Stephen Colbert earns his Admiralty Wings in The Mile High Club.

  • Great flotation devices
  • Skirts too short to sit.
  • Heels too high to walk.
  • One of those carts full of Vodka and peanuts and yummy stuff.
  • The key to my hotel room.

Where Do SFAs Work?Edit

How Much Money Do SFAs Make?Edit

  • Gauged by the proliferation of gay men and butch lesbians flying the not so friendly skies, they aren't making enough.

Fun SFA FactsEdit

SFA Video FeedEdit

Slutty Flight Attendant trainig video,
Braniff Airlines Circa 1970

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