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Skiing is an sport practiced by millions of Americans. Enemies of truthiness have tried to spread rumors that skiing was invented in Europe, or even China thousands of years ago. These rumors are obviously false, since God had not created the earth that long ago, nor could the Europeans or the Chinese invent such a great sport. Skiing was actually invented in America in the 1950's. Although skiing is American, Europeans and Canadians are allowed to practice the sport, so long as they acknowledge that they did not invent it.

Water vs. Snow SkiingEdit

Snow skiing is obviously far superior to water skiing, plain and simple. Why you might ask? 1. Water skiing lacks enough sufficient truthiness 2. Bears don't water ski, by snow skiing there is a high chance of you crossing paths with a bear, so you may procede to fight the bear and rid him of his democratic untruthiness-ness. 3. The ghost of hitler snow skis, same reason from #2. 4. The ghost of Oprah likes to snow ski, and is allergic to water. Jesus told America in John 3:16, "I made you in Tom Cruses image, so you should emulate Oprah" 4. Water skiing has AIDS 5. Barry Manilow water skis 6. Water contains Brain Ameobas who are homosexual democrats.

Good Places to SkiEdit

Some would have you believe that Europe is a great place to ski, but my gut tells me that Northern California is the only place with truly great skiing. Colorado has Aspen, the best place to ski in the whole world.

Equipment NeededEdit


How To SkiEdit

Go down the hill as fast as you can and try not to hit anything!

Famous SkiersEdit

Bode Miller is an American and the greatest skiier ever. The liberal media has tried to spread the rumor that Miller is a hippy. This is not true. Bode is a Republican who repeatedly demonstrates American dominance of skiing by routinely destroying European skiers in competition, often on their home turf. He often drinks with Ted Nugent. His failure to win any medals at the 2006 Olympics has nothing to do with partying too much; the courses simply couldn't handle his awesomeness. Bode Miller's archenemy is the godless, bear-loving Austrian, Hermann Maier.

James Bond has also been known to schuss from time to time. generally accompianed by easily killed, gun-toting communist henchmen.

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