The Sitar is an istrument that originated in India, It is played by weird Indian people with dots on their heads, it is also played by dirty pot smoking hippies. It has up to eighteen strings, which is very convineint if you have five arms, as most false Indian gods do.

Creation Edit

The Sitar was originally shaped after Stephen Colbert's genitalia, it was then givin strings and tuners, distorting it's beautiful shape. The Dot-Heads (Indians) then figured out how to play it as a musical intrument.

The Sitar in God's country Edit

In the 1960's the Dot-Heads brought the Sitar into God's country, they offered it as a gift to the Hippies, who then used it to smoke marijuana and hash, before realising that it was a musical instrument. When the Hippies mastered playing the instrument, they used it to brainwash other youth, causing them to become part of the dirty Hippie culture.


Hippie freak playing a Sitar

Sitar Today Edit

Unfortunatly the Sitar is still played today. George W. Bush has launched several attacks on Iraq, Afganistan, and Pakistan in hopes of destroying the sweat shops that produce most of the worlds Sitars. The attacks have all failed, but NOBODY shall question our Nation's President!!!(or Stephen Colbert)!!!

Sitar players Edit

Sitar players include George Harrison, Ravi Shankar, and Hunter Kendrick.

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