Sir Salman Rushdie
was a guest of "The Colbert Report"
and got nailed via satellite.
Sir Salman Rushdie
was an in-studio guest of "The Colbert Report"
and got nailed at The C Desk.

Salman Rushdie is a poet and author.

He appeared on the May 9, 2007 edition of The Colbert Report to discuss literary criticism VIA SATELLITE from Far Away. He was nowhere near America, New York, or at The C Desk in The Colbert Report studios.

The Function Of Literary CriticsEdit

Rushdie believes that critics serve a purpose in exposing the rest of us to books that are out there in the world for us to read. That's Oprah's job, but Salman does not believe in Oprah.

Writers bitch about critics, but need them, like a ho needs her pimp.

Rushdie also doesn't believe in the Market either.

The Proper Way To Get Your Book Out ThereEdit

All you need to know? Come on Stephen's show.

The Colbert BumpEdit


June 4, 2008 NailingEdit


  • book: Temptress of Florence
    • written another book about a temptress: Camilla Parker Bowles
  • a book about the power of beauty
    • high renaissance
  • lots of sex in 26th century made 17th century
  • book will not get him in trouble
  • fatwah was lifted
  • Islam might have a Barack Obama, besides Barack Obama
  • used to be a beautiful blonde actress (maybe Tippy Hedrin)
  • played a gynecologist
    • did research

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