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"Since Nine-Eleven..." begins the Greatest President, EVER!
Unconsciously, Cheney applauds and Hastert reaches for his wallet.

Since Nine-Eleven (pronounced: <i>SINs NeyeN-EEE-lev-un)</i> is a salutation used in formal settings or on talk radio to indicate the beginning of a speech to create fear or beg for money.

By Presidential Proclamation, The Greatest President Ever, George W. Bush has restricted use of the phrase to Republican-Americans or Favored Foreigners.


"Since Nine-Eleven" has roots in Early American English. The first portion, the "since" part, comes from "after" or "late" or "from after" or something. The "Nine-Eleven" part derives from the numbers of a day when America started to use their guts more. The "Nine" part means the ninth month of the calendar year, and the "Eleven" part from the eleventh day of that month, not the other way around like the French would have you do it (or indeed anyone from that small and inconvenient part of the world known as "the rest of it"). And that's where "Since Nine-Eleven" came from.

Common UsageEdit

Stormtroopers' 9 1102:32

Stormtroopers' 9 11

Some 9/11 Truthers suspect the Jedis are behind the attack

Republicans use the phrase as a way to wake their audiences up, to be sure they are listening and to make sure they have or will soon crap their pants. Some events where the phrase has been used:

Prizes for Using The PhraseEdit

Republicans have found that Americans respond favorably to their use of the phrase, and have been conditioned to continue using it, even against their will. Some of the prizes Republicans have received after using the phrase:

  • money
  • a boost in ratings
  • hookers at the White House
  • substance deliveries to the White House
  • applause
  • defense contracts
  • more money
  • immunity from consequences of any action

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Patriotic TubesEdit

"Since Nine-Eleven"
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