Sin Tax
is part of's series on Socialistic, America-hating Ideas!

Sin Taxes are taxes liberals impose on Regular Americans to make it appear as though they are righteous and American.

The most common sin taxes are placed on cigarettes, but liberal tax and spendiness does not end there.

This truthiness article will describe everything that Americans need to know to see through Anti-American liberal hate.

Origin & History Of Sin TaxationEdit

In this section describe which civilization was first targeted by liberal tax and spendiness, what commodities were targeted, how it was fought and by whom. Fuck dis shit, nigga

Also, since Earth is no older than 6,000 years, describe how Satan was against sin taxes.

Common Sin Taxes And Their VictimsEdit

In this section describe the most common items taxed and what sin is supposedly assuaged through taxation.

How Americans Can Fight Sin TaxationEdit

In this section describe how liberal sin taxes hurt capitalism, the free market and freedom.


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