Silver Edit

Silver is a metal and a color. The biggest farce in the crayon box. Silver should actually be redacted to being 'Shiny Gray' as God and Jesus intended, when they made the distinction between fish and rocks.

The proof that silver is just shiny gray is from the wise sage Fawn Rost.

Silver in History

1. Often misnamed, like Freedom Fries, by the French as argent.

2. Used to make things in the Catholic Church when there was a gold shortage.

Often it denotes riches and princely rank in society. Silver is a spin job by Liberals who have set out to help silver put on airs to further the feel good merchandising holidays like Xmas (which is Christmas's would be communist supplantor).

Other uses for Silver

1. Coloring things shiny gray in coloring books

2. Refering to things that are shiny gray to liberals. i.e. "Hey Communist Nation-hating Liberal, Nice Silver Prius!!!"

Silver should be added to the list of things that will kill you, assuming you are Shakirawho is a self proclaimed werewolf or one of her ilk. Incedentally she should also be on the list of things that will kill you.

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