On Nov. 18, 2006 the FDA finally lifted their ban on Silicone Breast Implants. This is a boon for manufacturers like Mentor Corp and Inamed Corp, as well as boob hounds all over our reasonably safe homeland.

Silicone is tasty and nutricious Edit

The ban was lifted when laboratory tests revealed that silicone, when mixed with breast milk was a delicious alternative to watching ABC's friday night lineup featuring the thrilling dramatic series "Men In Trees".

$1800.00 per pair Edit

No longer will women 22 and older be subject to the stigma attached to the horrifying ugliness which is parcel to a nonexistant set of cans. Now is the time for these fuglies to sell their eggs in gleeful expectation of the pride associated with acceptable body image. Finally, us real men have somewhere to place our one dollar bills which contributes to our economy. That is one handsome purse lady.

Cancer Edit

Obviously this is not an issue, the FDA says so.

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