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Renown German Doctor

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Sigmund Freud was once an obscure psychiatrist who seemed destined to be lost into the oblivion of history. However, his memory was saved on the May 9, 2006 episode of the Colbert Report when Stephen deigned to mention his birthday. This gave the psychologist a much needed boost in publicity, bringing his theories back into the limelight.

Freud is most notable for his obsession with penises. According to his theory, anything remotely cylindrical is a phallic symbol and a symbol of pride and self-importance. This is likely derived from Stephen Colbert's concept of gravitas. Because of his fascination for male phalluses, many believe he was gay. However, most scholars believe he was bisexual because he also had sex with his mother. A normal gay man would have sex with their father.

Freud also believed that the brain is divided into three parts: the ego, superego, and id. The ego is a person's arrogance and is usually found in women. The superego is a person's extreme arrogance and thus is found primarily in men. The id is kind of like the brain's ID card, hence its name, and you'd better have it on you if you go to Arizona.

Notable WorkEdit

  • A Treatise on the Penis
  • The Subconscious Meanings of the Penis
  • Everyday Objects That Represent the Penis
  • Hop On Pop Reminds Children of Their Father's Penis
  • On the Penis
  • Guns as Compensation for Men With Small Penises: A Case Study of the National Rifle Association
  • PENIS!

Fun Fact!Edit

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