Republican Goddess of the week

Shona Holmes
is a Proud Republican Goddess
God Bless America

Shona Holmes is a Canadian, who had to come to America to escape the horrific socialized healthcare that has melted the permafrost of Canada as well as killing all the polar bears.



Shona's Lifelong Battle Against CommunismEdit

How Socialized Medicine Has Ruined Shona's Entire LifeEdit

Poor Shona! I weep for her, she (or her sponsors) are out of pocket $95,000.00 because she doesn't like being covered by (gasp) socialized medicine and would rather be gouged instead. Why didn't I see the wisdom of her ways before???

Beating Imminent Death & Finding Love At The Mayo ClinicEdit

Career In Cable TelevisionEdit

People Who Hate Poor ShonaEdit

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